Note: These are actual people with real first and last names. Please respect their privacy. Their statements with their pictures appear on my Facebook page or in my Google reviews – see my Facebook link at the bottom of this page.

“Bill is an amazing man who helped my husband with life-long issues that kept him from the ability to quit smoking. In one session, Scott was done with cigarettes after 38 years of smoking, beginning states of emphysema, lung cancer and the removal of half a lung! THANK YOU BILL! In addition, Bill helped me realize my own need to move forward with my own abilities that have not yet been developed. I am going to, at 50 years of age, become centered so I may help others do the same and live the life I have always known I should be living. Bill will be our friend for life.”*

Kym Grace-McMaster Siebenhaar
Salt Lake City, UT

“Bill is by far one of the most gifted, intuitive and brilliant men I’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know. He trained (certified) me quickly and efficiently…I could have gone to a typical hypnotherapy training center, but luckily, I went to Bill and underwent an apprenticeship with him one on one. His training involves individual treatment. I can say that in all honesty that within the first 15 minutes of us meeting for the first time, he seemed to know me better than I truly knew myself. He helped me more that I can put into words. Whether it be for professional treatment or for certification, I couldn’t recommend Bill more! Thank you Bill for opening my eyes and providing me with the amazing education that you did. : -) I recommend Bill to anyone looking for treatment and to anyone looking for a genuine education/certification in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.*

R. Mackenzie Nelson
Salt Lake City, UT

“I sought help from Bill Draney for fibromyalgia-like discomfort. He treated me for stress. I have had immediate success using his therapy which reduced my discomfort dramatically. I found hypnosis to be a deeply relaxing and positive experience.”*

Betty Streed
Salt Lake City, UT

“I had been smoking over 20 years. When I went to Bill, I was smoking 2 and 1/2 packs a day. I quit in one session with no withdrawals or weight gain. Thanks Bill!*

Christine Cardamon
Salt Lake City, UT

“I was skeptical about hypnosis when my MD referred me to Bill for weight loss as nothing had worked in the past. I lost 6.5 lbs. the first week and 20 lbs. in one month! I feel amazing and my life is changing dramatically. Bill takes a personal interest in his clients and actually listens…”*

Jean Canavan
Salt Lake City, UT

“With only two one-hour sessions, Bill was able to help me release long-standing core issues which I knew were holding me back emotionally and financially. I now experience more abundance, confidence, love, and peace in my life than I ever have, and I know a large part of that is due to the ‘gunk’ he helped me release once and for all.

“I would highly recommend Bill to anyone who is trying to beat any form of self-control issues or just simply take their life to the next level. If you would like more info, please feel free to email me at tararizer23@yahoo.com, but I would say if you get the chance, just give him a try and you will see how amazing your life can be!”*

Tara Nelson
Salt Lake City, UT

“Bill has helped me become the best me possible. I am so great full to have been able have found him. Me and my whole family has benefited from him.”*

Makyla Elizabethann Washington
Herriman, UT

“Our family had a healing experience with Bill and we are grateful for what he did for us. Thank you for your gifts!”*

Malinda J. Bills
Salt Lake City, UT

“Bill is a gifted healer… he is an intuitive, wise, deeply loving and spiritual man who blesses and heals all whom he encounters.”*

Bonnie Elizabeth
Salt Lake City, UT

“I was absolutely amazed of the power there is in hypnosis! We can’t thank you enough, Bill Draney. Thank you for being more than a professional, but also a friend! Give our love to (your dog) Charlie!*

Carrie Rasmussen
Shoshone, ID

I have gone to numerous hypnotherapists for physical discomfort without success, causing me to be very skeptical of all hypnotherapists. A friend and colleague of mine from Park City (where I own a summer home) referred me to Bill saying that Bill had helped her son quickly overcome a bad habit in just a few sessions. I was hesitant but made an appointment two weeks ago.

Bill was warm, authentic and established immediate rapport. He actually listened to me, identified what he called core issues, created a strategy with lots of input from me, explained that the process might take up to 5 sessions and then outlined out a customized hypnotherapy session.

During the actual hypnosis, my senses were heightened, I was totally conscious, but I was so relaxed I could hardly move. The results were immediate. As soon as I opened my eyes I felt this amazing sense of peace and joy that brought me to tears. The pain was gone but started to return after a few days, but nothing like it was before.

After the second session, I felt even more amazing and the physical discomfort did not reoccur. I went back for a third session where Bill taught me a very simple but powerful self-hypnosis process based on the Law of Attraction and Power of Intention that I use daily. My discomfort is gone!

I really miss his large German Shepherd named Charlie! He is so well trained and lays on his bed in another open room and will not approach without Bill’s permission. Charlie radiates love and empathy. He would sit up and actually smile when I entered. I have never seen a dog so well trained with such radiant energy!

The decor of his home/office, reception area and hypnosis studio is breathtaking with original paintings, expensive furniture and powerful positive energy. When I asked for the name of his decorator, he said he did it himself.

A few days after my first session, I referred a relative who was experiencing discomfort after his chemotherapy treatments. He just called and said he experienced very little nausea during his chemo yesterday.

I often forget the people I meet on the path of life. Some I remember for their kind words, a special deed or that special something in their voice or being that touches the very center of my soul. Or, for that smile that puts my soul at peace. But then, there is that special person – the sought after friend – the one in whom I can confide my secrets, my passions and my fears in life…who corrects my path and aligns my journey to upward heights! God bless you, Bill. You are this friend!*

Julia Reynolds – Screen Writer
Park City, UT; Hollywood, CA; NYC, NY

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