Happiness is a Choice

When the Universe takes someone or something from my life, it is preparing me for something better if I lovingly let go of that which was taken.  Trying to hold on to that which was removed is like clinging onto the Titanic as it sinks below the waves.  Happiness is a choice.  I choose to…

True Happiness

True happiness comes from living in the moment, focusing on gratitude and loving what it!

Caring for Ourselves

We cannot give what we do not have. If we cannot fill our own basic needs we cannot be there for ourselves and therefore, we cannot be there for others. If we do not love ourselves, we cannot truly love others nor will we allow others to love us!

Inside Out

In nature, everything grows from the inside out. Peaches grow from within the tree. Happiness likewise must come from with. No one else can make us happy. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

Resenting Others

Resenting someone is like drinking poison and hoping that they die. We are only hurting ourselves. These resentments are stored in our subconscious minds. What exists subconsciously will manifest physically. If I resent someone who has more wealth, a bigger house or nicer possessions, I will create lack in my life. If I resent a…

You are a Divine Being

You are a Divine Being having an Earthly experience.  Your purpose in life is to become a Creator – to manifest that which brings you happiness, good and gain.  Learn to become the master of that process through the Law of Attraction/Power of intention.

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