SERVICES INCLUDE (but not limited to) releasing the following:

Sex addiction (usually five sessions or less)
Smoking cessation without weight gain
Alcohol dependency
Drug dependency
Porn dependency
Spiritual abuse
Permanent release/closure to past trauma including childhood sexual abuse
Self-defeating behaviors – self-sabotage
Eliminate barriers to success – create abundance – Law of Attraction/Power of Intention
Pediatric hypnosis
Adolescent hypnosis
Hair plucking – skin picking
Repressed memories
Release body fat
Gymnastics improvement (i.e., back handsprings, etc.)
Overthinking – mind chatter
Self-esteem and confidence – release shyness and feelings of worthlessness
Focus, concentration, comprehension, retention and recall to improve academic performance and your GPA, test/exam preparation and reduce study time
Forensic hypnosis
Anger management – road rage
Increase your energy – release exhaustion/tiredness
Guilt & shame issues
Relationship problems – letting go of relationships – healing relationships
Sports hypnosis – increase athletic performance (strength, speed, focus, agility, endurance, etc.)
Pain release
Memory and recall
Repressed memories
Sexuality and sexual issues
Law of Attraction – Power of Intention (principles of The Secret -metaphysics)
Intuitive healing – energy work
Chakra cleansing and empowerment
Hypnotist, hypnotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist training & certification

If you don’t see what you seek on this list, call me and we can discuss – the telephone consultation is free.

Here are before and after pictures of Chelsea Reedy of Salt Lake City who was one of my body fat release clients:

PLEASE NOTE: Not all results are the same. There are no guarantees. I do not wish to create false expectations.

My daughter, Allison Draney, has the second highest level of certification in Utah and gets faster and better results with body fat release and smoking cessation. Her number is 801-819-6668.

After healing your core issues, you should begin noticing positive changes in your life, relationships, and career after several sessions. Most clients feel happier and more confident. Remember, hypnosis results are a process, not an event.

Certification and advanced training are available to become a hypnotist, consulting hypnotist, and/or clinical hypnotherapist. Group and individual certifications are available.

If you are only interested in learning the basics of hypnosis without becoming certified, I provide that training at a reduced fee. Clients include healthcare providers, energy workers and the general public.

If you prefer a fluent Spanish-speaking hypnotherapist, call Eliana Castillo, a native Venezuelan at 801-660-9960.  She is very talented and professional.

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