Become Certified


Accelerated Learning Process

All certification training is conducted in groups of six or fewer to maximize YOUR learning and competency. This is more effective than sitting in a classroom with 30 other people and being afraid to ask questions, or worse, having one or two people dominate the conversations. My focus and passion are on creating competencies, not mass certifications.

Other certification programs only teach you how to hypnotize the conscious mind. I will teach you how to hypnotize the sub-conscious mind to create superior results. My programs are the most comprehensive programs available nationwide.

Besides state-of-the-art hypnosis techniques, you will learn hypnotherapy techniques, clinical hypnotherapist techniques, metaphysics, energy healing and the law of attraction and power of intention techniques that are not offered in other courses. My certifications surpass the curriculum and learning in all competitive certification courses.

My hypnotist and hypnotherapy training workshops and certifications are recognized and accepted by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., the largest, oldest and most prestigious hypnotist membership organization in the world. When you have completed my program, they will issue you their certification diploma upon payment of their membership fee.

When I certify you, you will learn the following which are not included in traditional certification training programs:

  •      How to do psychological testing to identify core sub-conscious issues
  •      How to help your client get complete permanent closure to deep core sub-conscious issues and trauma
  •      How to raise your client’s energy and eliminate their mind chatter before doing the hypnosis
  •      How to measure results through psychological testing during each subsequent session
  •      How to use a combination of different senses during the hypnosis to maximize results
  •      Sabotage words to avoid during hypnosis – the words “and” & “suggestion”
  •      Phrases to avoid when interviewing the client to maximize effectiveness

I can certify you at the following levels:

  •      Hypnotist – first level of certification
  •      Hypnotherapist – second level of certification – requires previous certification as a hypnotist
  •      Clinical Hypnotherapist – requires previous certification as a hypnotherapist
  •      Master Clinical Hypnotherapist – requires previous certification as a clinical hypnotherapist
  •      Hypnotist Trainer – to train and certify hypnotists
  •      Hypnotherapist Trainer – to train and certify hypnotherapists
  •      Clinical Hypnotherapist Trainer – to train and certify clinical hypnotherapists

There is nothing worse than signing up for a course and then realizing you don’t resonate with the instructor.  To eliminate this, you can do an actual hypnotherapy session with me, learn my style and I will explain my certification program.  When you register for my certification program, I will deduct the price of that session from your certification fee.  This is not offered by other courses.

I will teach you how to market your services and create success. I will also give you the name of an SEO expert who will assist you in designing your web page at a very low price.  You will also receive free additional coaching after your certification to maximize your effectiveness.  I do not see other hypnotists/hypnotherapists as competitors.  There is more than enough business for everyone!

I also provide hypnosis training to hypnotists, hypnotherapists, and clinical hypnotherapists who are required to take additional classes to maintain their certification.

If you are just interested in learning the basics of hypnosis and/or self-hypnosis without becoming certified, I provide that training at a reduced fee. Clients include healthcare providers, energy workers, and the general public.

Create independence in your life.  Learn how to heal people and create internalized results.  Be the master of your own destiny.  Train with a professional who has the highest level of certification, education, results, and reviews in Utah. Become the master of your destiny.

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