Other Resources

The following are other hypnotists who do not charge as much (none of these people work for me and are not affiliated with my business. They don’t have my credentials but are very honest and will not try to con you into buying a package):

Allison Draney is my daughter and has the second-highest level of certification in UT. She gets better and faster results with body fat release and smoking cessation clients than I do and doesn’t charge as much. All of her sessions are over Skype. Her number is 801-819-6668

Aimee 801-836-9475

Steve 801-231-8515 (Steve is also a Master Reike Practitioner and Certified Instructor)

Jason 801-918-1819

Lucee (speaks fluent Spanish) 801-330-9678

Irene 801-428-3260

Marsha 209-679-8336

Chad Anderson is a very powerful energy worker. When I’m having an issue, I go to Chad. His prices are very reasonable and he gets very significant lasting results. He actually levitated a woman off the floor. I’ve done numerous sessions with him. His number is 801-603-2920. His wife, Sheila Anderson, is highly intuitive and does readings. She did two for me and I was very impressed. Her number is 801-603-2920

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